Blue Raspberry is a male contestant and the main protagonist on When Objects Work.


He Is Nice To Everyone, He Doesn't Like People Being Mean To Everyone, with the exception of some people. He is mostly nice, but somewhat weak, and will be angry if one crosses with him. If one calls him really evil, he will probably severely injure him/her.


See Blue Raspberry/Relationships.



Do you like Blue Raspberry?

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Names in different languages

  • Frambuesa azul - Spanish
  • 青いラズベリー - Japanese
  • 藍樹莓 And 蓝树莓 - Chinese
  • blue IDAEUS - Latin
  • Framboesa azul - Portuguese
  • Mirtillo blu - Italian
  • Framboise bleue - French
  • Blaue Himbeere - German
  • Quả mâm xôi - Vietnamese
  • 파란 산딸기 - Korean
  • Blaua Rasbarry - Tibiquabi
  • Afina - Romanian

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