Cyan Top Hat Is An OC Made By JoeJoeTheAnimator.

Personality Edit

He is an average Top Hat Clone who will try and help his team in any possible way. He tries to crack a joke once in awhile but often gets nobody laughing in the end.

Relationships Edit

See Cyan Top Hat/Relationships.

Trivia Edit

Gallery Edit

Names in other Languages Edit

  • シアントップハット - Japanese
  • Chapéu alto ciano - Portuguese
  • Sombrero de copa cian - Spanish
  • Cián Top Hat - Hungarian
  • Haut-parleur cyan - French
  • Ciano in cotone - Italian
  • Top Galben Hat - Latin
  • 시안 탑 모자 - Korean
  • Mũ Xanh Trắng - Vietnamese
  • സിയാൻ ടോപ്പ് ഹാറ്റ് - Malayalam
  • 青色頂帽 - Chinese
  • Syaan Top Hat - Frisian
  • ცისფერი ყველაზე ქუდი - Georgian
  • Cikli Top Hat - Albanian

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